3rd Annual Palestine United Benefit, Dinner and Concert

  • Keynote Speaker: Ali Abunimah founder of Electronic Intifada
  • Speaker: Jeff Halper founder of ICAHD
  • Ameer Dandan Concert
  • Palestine United Dabkeh Group
  • Palestine United Youth Dabkeh Group
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A land, a people, a history, a passion, a culture, and a love. The holiest land on earth for all three major religions has been enduring hardship, occupation, and pain for the last 62+ years. Activism for political justice and global awareness of the atrocities can be found all over the world by very intelligent, successful and socially-powerful communities. In conjunction with effective activism we must also keep our culture alive, we must keep Palestine alive.

The land is ours, the country is ours, which makes the responsibility ours. Wear your kaffiyas, speak arabic to your children, raise the flag high, and never let the world forget Palestine or its people. As long as one proud Palestinian lives, Palestine is alive. Palestine United is dedicated to making sure our roots live on and people hear our voices. No matter your race, ethnicity, religion, or language...we are all Palestine's children.

Latest News

Palestine United is excited to announce and invite everyone to the 3rd Annual Palestine United Solidarity Benefit. With the enormous success of our past two events, we are continuing this annual occasion for us to celebrate our culture and do our part in assisting our people and our land. As a community we have attracted over 600 guests that helped raise over $70,000 donated straight to Palestine through the very respected and reputable organization, The Jerusalem Fund. This year we are hoping and planning for our event to be even larger and more successful, but that can not be done without your help!

We have an excellent program planned headlined by keynote speaker Ali Abunimah, Palestinian singer, Ameer Dandan, as well as the nationally-renowned Palestine United Dabkeh Group from right here in the triangle. We are constantly looking for volunteers and individuals looking to lend a helping hand in this incredibly important cause. For more information or if you are interested in volunteering please visit our About Us page and touch base with one of the organizers. God willing, we look forward to seeing everyone there. LONG LIVE PALESTINE.